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Mini Maccas meal

Mini Maccas meal

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A McDonalds meal that fits into the palm of your hand! Yes Please! 

This 90s inspired Mini Maccas meal is handmade entirely out of paper and includes a Quarter pounder, Large fries and a Large Coke. They sit perfectly on a tiny paper tray that's lined with a tray mat that even has games for you to play!  

Each meal is then served to you in a tiny McDonalds paper bag! Please be aware that the bag is just for delivery and not designed to be displayed after its arrival.

About the Mini Maccas meals:

  • Hand assembled, cut and made from acid free paper  
  • Paper tray dimensions (11cm wide x 8cm deep) 

The mini meal is perfect to display in a glass bell jar or display box! 

All items are handmade. Please note that this means that they are unique and can vary slightly. 

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